A new direction
in surface stabilisation

For a solid,
pot-hole free surface - anywhere

Diamond Grid products are made fromĀ 
100% recycled plastic

Diamond Grid creates a surface that is solid, dry and secure, even with constant use and in heavy rainfall. The grids are extremely durable, with a filled load-bearing capacity of over 1,000 t/m2.
They will not wear through even with constant use. Diamond Grid has a wide variety of applications across farming, landscaping, mining and civil engineering industries.

With Diamond Grid you can:
Prevent natural earth surfaces from developing into muddy unusable areas in wet weather.
Eliminate surface erosion, potholes and corrugation.
Reinforce turfed areas, providing root protection.
Enable gravel retention & stabilise embankments.
Provide drainage when filled with gravel.

Diamond Grid was originally designed for use on farms for solving problems with muddy areas on their properties – everything from muddy cattle yards to muddy driveways.
The solution was easy, stabilise the ground and develop a drainage system. 
Better still, design one product that does both!

Diamond Grid has been registered as a cost-effective solution for erosion control, soil and turf stabilisation, with a unique design that is up to 100% permeable.

Used extensively for all types of driveways, hard stands and shed flooring, Diamond Grid is proven to withstand heavy loads under constant use in minimg, agriculture and commercial construction.Diamond Grid is also an alternative to traditional concreting, with a comparable load bearing capacity at 60% less cost.

The advantages of using Diamond Grid

90% elimination of vehicle accidents as with Diamond Grid the roads are free of potholes

Increase traffic load without increasing pavement thickness

Minimises pavement failure due to semi-rigid load bearing capacity

Acts as a bridging layer/differential settlement

Fewer vehicles and staff will be required, as vehicles will be able to get from point to point in half the time

Increases the fuel economy of the vehicles as they can travel 50-75% faster on safe, level and solid roads.

Before Diamond Grid

The ground surface is battered with erosion,
tyre ruts and mud after long spells of rain.
For all potential Diamond Grid applications, the ground
is unstable and continued use just makes it worse.

After Diamond Grid

Diamond Grid maintains a permeable and cost-effective surface
to improve visibility on roads, create hard surfaces for any rural,
civil construction and mining and landscaping applications.
Eliminates mud, erosion and run-offs.

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