The Program of Growth to Maturity

GROW is a uniquely structured community health movement.
Its Program of Personal Growth, Group Method and Caring and Sharing Community have all been developed from the findings of former mental health sufferers in the course of rebuilding their lives after mental breakdown.

The groups were, in fact, first known as Recovery Groups. This name was subsequently changed to GROW in order to meet the groups’ services in prevention as well as in rehabilitation, and even more broadly for a popular school of life and leadership for mental health.

GROW is anonymous, non-denominational and open to all. Its groups are run by their own members, sometimes with the friendly co-operation of a doctor, social worker, minister of religion or any mature member of the community.

GROW groups vary in size from 3 to 15 members. Meetings are held weekly, last 2 hours and are followed by refreshments. No membership fees or dues are charged. Contributions at the end of group meetings are strictly voluntary.

No introductions are needed. Just come along.

Thames meetings are held every Tuesday and Friday.
For Tuesday meetings, contact Patti 021 233 3184
For Friday meetings, contact Annie 07 868 9284

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