Here’s how advertising
with Thamesonline and Photo Factory works for you

First, get a
FREE listing on Thamesonline

This listing has the name of your business
or enterprise, a photo of your choice,
details of what you do for or supply
to the Thames community,
and a link to your website.
This is permanently free, and helps
to create a full picture of Thames
and what is available here.


Complete Gardening Services

Rubbish removal
Spraying - all types
Decluttering of sheds and garages
Pruning fruit trees, roses and ornamentals
Phone Paul 027 473 9075
support local
support local

Unlike other forms of advertising
(radio a few seconds, newspaper a few days) advertising on Thamesonline is 24/7, and is
either free or extremely low cost.
It’s a great way to tell the
community what you do and
where you are, and helps support
local businesses and the activities
of local clubs and groups.


If you need to tell people more than can be shown
on your free Thamesonline listing, you can get a complete page
on the website, on which you can give a full description of
what you do, where you are etc.
Thamesonline will send people to your web page, but you can also
use business cards and other advertising to send people directly
to your web page, getting them quickly to
a full description of your enterprise.
Cost for one of these pages is just $5 per week,
and there are no hosting charges involved. 
This is 24/7 advertising, at the best possible price.

If your services are available outside the Thames area, 
we can design a full website for you, and host it if required.
Our websites start at just $100 + GST for a one-page site,
and can be expanded as needed.
Our hosting starts at $10 per month, and is never more than $16  per month.
You can see details and samples of our websites here

A special Thamesonline deal gets you
basic website design, business card design and 200 laser printer cards
– all for $199 including GST!
Available from Thamesonline at 507 Pollen Street Thames 
(next to BNZ)

Business cards
from Photo Factory
can point customers to
your Thamesonline listing,
or to your website if you have one

Local business cards we make are shown on two digital displays in Pollen Street,
in our office at 507 Pollen Street and in various locations on the website.

Play Video

See how Thamesonline can promote your business
or organisation in the Thames area
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Play Video

Local business cards we make are shown on
two digital displays in Pollen Street
(double-click video for full screen)

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