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Personal grievance

A personal grievance is a formal claim the employee raises when the employer's actions do not comply
with the Employment Relations Act 2000.
Example of a personal grievance is writing a claim for being unjustifiably dismissed or disadvantaged which we elaborate on below.

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Unjustified dismissal

An employee can make an 'Unjustified Dismissal' claim if they can show that they were dismissed and they believe that:

- the process was not fair

- the employer did not have a good reason to dismiss them.

- was not what a fair and reasonable employer could do under the circumstances.

- your feedback wasn't considered or applied to the investigation meeting.

If you feel you were dismissed without good reason or you feel your feedback was not taken into account this may be the case, and it is best to make contact straight away with us as we can help you!

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Discipline meetings

If you have a discipline meeting or an investigation meeting we can represent you during this and make the employer fully aware of your version of events and try to avoid the worst outcome and come to an agreement with your employer.

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Unjustified disadvantage

Being disadvantaged can happen during an employment relationship.
We can help you through the process of sorting this out.

- When an employer has affected an employee's employment or conditions of work in a way that disadvantages them and/or has made it harder for them to maintain their performance on the job.

- When an employer's action has not been justified (not acting in good faith) could amount to an unjustified disadvantage.

If you feel you have been disadvantaged without good reason, or you feel your feedback was not considered, this may actually be the case, make sontact with us straight away as we can help you!

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Constructive dismissal

-When an employer has acted badly to an employee (where an employer has breached their agreement or has treated the employee in a highly unfair manner) and the employee feels that he or she cannot remain in the job.

- When an employer blatantly gets an employee to choose whether they would like to resign or be dismissed.

- When an employer acts in a way to pressure an employee into resigning from their job.

If an employer's action makes the situation at work so intolerable for the employee that the employee resigns, it may be considered a constructive dismissal.

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Trial period dismissals

Because you are on a trial period, this does not mean there is not a process to follow before letting an employee go.
There is an unusual process and can be quite complex.

The employer has many obligations to fulfil when dismissing someone on a trial period basis.

These aren't always followed by the employer. If you feel you have been let go unfairly, please get in touch.

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Exit packages

Having problems with your current employment?
You may be able to seek an exit package on mutual grounds.
You may have been disadvantaged during your employment relationship which you could be unaware of.
Contact us if you feel there are ongoing issues throughout the employment relationship.

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Wage arrears

If you are not being paid correctly and it shows, we will help you to get back what's owed.

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Bargaining process and agreements

The duty of good faith requires the parties to collective bargaining to use their best endeavours to agree on a bargaining process if possible, covering for example the items listed in code of good faith in collective bargaining.
The agreement should set out a process for conducting bargaining in an effective and efficient manner.
The aim is to encourage the parties to think about possible issues and obstacles in advance and agree on how to deal with them.

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