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Intruder systems

Intruder detection is a critical part of securing your premises.
Intruder systems combine a range of technologies to detect different things on your site.
Detection devices can include movement sensors, reed switches, glass break detectors, smoke and heat detectors and temperature or seismic detectors.

From intruder movement to a duress (GPS) alarm, to a door or window being opened - these detectors can be set and unset by time schedule, keypad, mobile phone or remote push button.

Techni-Call Security Solutions are experts in the design and installation of intruder systems, and have a wealth of expertise in installing systems to protect against unauthorised entry to your site.Once an intruder has been detected, they can be deterred from remaining in the premises, an external monitoring company can be alerted to take appropriate action and you can be alerted via text or email.
Techni-Call Security Solutions can offer expert advice on the best action plan to suit your situation.

Access Control

Techni-Call install and service a range of access control products to suit every need and budget.
Each system has different strengths and is best suited to certain situations.
Techni-Call can work with you to evaluate your unique situation and devise the best solution for you.

Access Control is effectively the gateway to your organisation's security.
It tackles the question of 'Who, When and Where", governing who has access to various areas of your site at particular times.
It is an essential element of every security system, but can often be overlooked when planning your site security.
Technic-Call have over 20 years of industry experience in this field.

Benefits of Access Control:
Control of who goes where and when.
Instant enabling/disabling of cards and access to site.
Full audit trail of who has entered each zone and of changes made to the system.
Arming and disarming of individual areas.
Electronic tag systems to protect against theft of equipment.


There is a huge range of video surveillance options to suit different situations.
We can help find the best system for your needs.

Got an existing system?
We can upgrade it for you so you get the best from your existing infrastructure.

Some points to note when considering video surveillance:
Coverage requirements:
Points of entry, number plate recognition, person identification, facial recognition, and whether this coverage is to be achieved with multiple cameras or a single High Definition IP camera.

Storage requirements:
How many days the storage is to be stored before overwriting takes effect, and what resolution is required.
Automated archiving is an excellent option if you require that footage is retained.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a key element of any building security system - they allow you and your staff/residents to control who has access to your site.
Techni-Call are experienced in the installation and service of many leading intercom systems.
Intercom systems range from simple voice-only to colour video entry points with hands-free tenant and concierge answer stations.

Gate Automation

Techni-Call can integrate all existing security systems with an existing Autogate, and can install gate automation.
Card swipes or keypads can be added to gate, either stand-alone or via an existing security system to control who is able to come and go.

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