Thames Autos

609 Pollen Street
Phone 0800 868 898 or (07) 868 8981

Sourcing our vehicle stock

We buy vehicles locally, and use our status as a Direct Importer of Overseas Vehicles to ensure a wide variety of stock on hand at all times.


As a Registered Finance Provider, we  offer a unique finance service.
Our in-house finance approval makes the application process quick and simple,
and is coupled with an industry-leading
low finance rate of just 12.95%

Vehicle Maintenance Plan

We can finance the cost of your vehicle maintenance and repairs, helping to keep your vehicle safe and reliable with no hidden costs and with a convenient
and simple way to pay.

Full Cover Mechanical Warranties

12, 18 and 24 month
extended warranties provided and underwritten by ourselves, simple hassle-free claim procedure and
peace of mind knowing you are covered.

Featured Vehicles

Leyland Stowe
0800 868 898
(07) 868 8981
027 355 5152

Service Centre

Full Vehicle Servicing
All Makes and Models
Mechanical Repairs
Onsite Valet Service
(07) 868 8981

Diagnostic Scanning
Battery Supply and Testing
Alarm Supply and Installation
Stereo Install Specialist
Rewiring and
Engine Conversions

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