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The Vitalise Directory offers a full range of advertising options, ranging from permanently free to low-cost display adverts and websites.
Click here to see all options.

We show business cards in the Card Directory free of charge. List yours here
If you need cards made, we’ve been doing this since 1995,
When you select cars from us, we make extra copies and make them available to the public in the Vitalise Info Centre.
 see details of this service here

Get your own website, professionally created and hosted on our servers.
We will design a website for you and include 200 business cards. Price starts at $399.
(ongoing charge of $5 per week for website
hosting and management) See this deal here!

Choose the best online advertising for your enterprise from all the options we offer.
See them here

We have been designing and making business cards for New Zealand and overseas customers since 1995.
When we make a card for a local enterprise (Thames/Coromandel and Hauraki) we also make the card available to the public in the Vitalise office. 
Locate the office here
You can see samples of our cards  
and there is a link for both new and returning customers to order cards here

Let us have a copy of your Business Card, and we will display it in the appropriate category of the Vitalise online directory.
You can upload a graphic of your card here or bring it in to us at 507 Pollen Street Thames. Locate us here.

A full display ad with photo, contact details, description of your services and link to your website or Facebook page.See details here

Our websites start at just $399 and $5 per week (and we will include 200 Business Cards).
Check this offer out here

If you have a business or group based in Thames/Coromandel and Hauraki, you are very welcome to display a leaflet or rack card promoting your enterprise in the Info Centre.
Just deliver copies of the advertising material to the Vitalise office which you can locate here

1.Vitalise is owned and managed by two people who care a great deal about the community of Thames/Coromandel/Hauraki.
We offer great prices on a range of services designed to promote every business and enterprise in this community.
2. We don’t just sell our services and then forget about our customers.
If we design and make business cards for you we display them in the Vitaiise Info Centre for visitors to take with them, and provide maps helping them to locate your enterprise.
(maps are currently available for Thames and Paeroa – we are working on the other ones).
3. Our support continues for as long as you are our customer.
When we make a website for you, we will promote your website with links on the Vitalise one, giving you increased exposure to the Thames/Coromandel/Hauraki market.

Having your own website is a great marketing move, but you need a range of channels to get visitors to your website, and we can help with this. 

Vitalise is 24/7
Unlike other forms of advertising (radio a few seconds, newspaper a few days) Vitalise is available to its audience 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We have a huge range of businesses and services, and they deserve our support.
Vitalise allows both locals and visitors to see exactly what is available in our community, and helps our businesses thrive.
If your business or group is located in Thames, Paeroa, Waihi, Ngatea, Hauraki or Coromandel, Vitalise is designed to support you.

We do not support Big Box businesses – we are all about promoting the people who have put their own money, time and confidence into building a local entity.

You can help promote local businesses and groups by telling everyone about a good experience with a locally owned/operated enterprise here

Vitalise is built and supported by local business Photo Factory, so it’s not burning any ratepayers’ or taxpayers’ money. We don’t charge an annual subscription fee to use Vitalise, and we are not paying any executive wages funded by levies on local businesses and groups. 
Find us at  or at 507 Pollen Street Thames

Vitalise is YOUR Information Centre!

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