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Promoting all the
businesses and groups in
and Hauraki

Promoting your Business or Group on Vitalise
with our new Discovery Zone.

We are really happy to let everyone know that we are
adding an Information Centre to our office at 507 Pollen Street Thames,
to be known as the Vitalise Discovery Zone.
This is a service that has been lacking in Thames for years,
and will add to the range of ways Vitalise works to promote
our community of Thames, Coromandel and Hauraki.
If you have a local business or community group
in Thames, Coromandel or Hauraki, you are welcome
to bring us some copies of a leaflet or rack card
that describes what you offer and we will make this available to the public.
We will also provide visitors with a map to enable them to find your enterprise.
Call at the office to find out about all the ways we can promote you, including on

Please choose one of the options below
to let us know how
Vitalise can promote you.

You are welcome to drop off copies of
a rack card or brochure to be displayed
in the Vitalise Information Centre

Oh, and we've also placed a public noticeboard outside the office, which everyone can use to let
the community know about stuff.
Just grab one of these forms
and leave it on the noticeboard
at 507 Pollen Street Thames.

The website promoting everything about
Thames/Coromandel and Hauraki

Send us details of your business or group
for inclusion in the Vitalise Business Card Directory.
Your card will be displayed in the appropriate section,
with a link to your own website or Facebook page.

Details for my Business Card Listing on Vitalise website

Send us details of your business or group
for inclusion in the Vitalise print directory.
This is to be a listing of all local entities, in printed form
for those who are not comfortable with using touch screens
or website based directories.
Copies of the printed directory will be available
in various Thames locations to enable locals and visitors
to find our retailers and service providers.

Details for my listing in the Vitalise Print Directory

Arrange a time to discuss how we can help
to promote your business or group.
We will contact you to arrange a suitable time to explain
the options available on both the Vitalise website
and the new Information Centre in our office at 507 Pollen Street.

Please contact me to arrange a time to discuss details

Anytime you want your own website, let us know!
We build great sites, and don't charge high prices.
We also promote all the websites we build for
Thames/Coromandel and Hauraki on our own website

Vitalise is YOUR Information Centre!

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