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Contrast Carpet Cleaning

Call Matthew
022 367 4921

Lynne's Gifts

500 Pollen Street
Phone: (07) 868 8725

Great quality and service
since 2004

Call Chris
021 090 5002

The Chopping Block

The finest quality gluten free meat, home kill
processing services and North Island delivery.

Winner of Waikato Micro Business Award 2022

55 Kapanga Road
(07) 866 8838

Central Seafoods 2017

A family managed
Fish & Chips Takeaway
530 Pollen Street Thames
Phone: (07) 868 6896

Restaurant Cafe and Bar

428 Pollen Street Thames
Phone: (07) 848 9406

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This page collects positive comments about local businesses and community groups
in Thames, Paeroa, Waihi, Ngatea, Hauraki and Coromandel.
It is designed to promote the groups which are contributing in a positive way to the community.
We do not publish negative comments about any group
- there are plenty of social media sites that are happy to carry these,
but Vitalise is all about the positives in our community.
Letting everyone know that you got a great deal or service
from one of our local businesses or services
helps customers make an informed decision on where to go for good service.

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