Local business Photo Factory started building the Vitalise website during the 2020 lockdown.
Building websites is one of the things we do, and we wanted to give our town a place where every member of the community had a voice and could let the rest of us know about all the things we have going on in Thames, and all the services available to us.
Almost all business and personal listings are free
- we charge a small fee for setting up some
once-only listings (selling a car and similar).
There are paid options for business listings, and costs for these are minimal. For example, a complete webpage with full details of location and services, photos
and customer references is just $5.00 per week.
Also includes a contact form so that potential customers/members of your business or group can contact you directly by email for information.
Free hosting on our own servers.

Cost of setting up a full webpage is usually just $150, and this is once-only. All webpages are hosted on our own servers, and there is no charge for this.
We currently have several hundred members of Vitalise, and this number grows steadily.
Every member gets a monthly email to let them know
of current Special Deals offered by local businesses,
and we sponsor vouchers that can be used at these same businesses.

No Big Box retailers are represented on Vitalise.
Our mission is to help Thames money stay in Thames,
and support the business owners who are part of
our community and have invested heavily here.
We also provide a platform for every community group, sports club, school, and special interest group to
keep the rest of us up to date with what they do.

It's really easy to list things on the website, but
if you would rather get some help with this,
Please call into the office at 507 Pollen Street
and we will get you started.

Vitalise has listings for

businesses community groups sports clubs schools special interest groups garage sales free stuff community help jobs offered jobs wanted events rentals offered rentals wanted

the website for everyone
in the Thames community

sponsored for Thames by local business
 Photo Factory


Need some help with listings?
See us at 507 Pollen Street

Please use this form to let us know what you would like to
do on Vitalise

If you prefer, you can always
call in to see us at
507 Pollen Street Thames
(next building to BNZ)

Vitalise is your community website

Vitalise is YOUR Information Centre!

Find all you need at www.vitalise.kiwi