Serving Thames,Paeroa, Waihi,
Ngatea and the Hauraki district

Vitalise is a fast-growing online Directory, News and Marketplace website that offers a wealth of options to all in the community, 
either free or at extremely low prices.
We are widening the scope of the website to include
Paeroa, Waihi, Ngatea and the Hauraki area.
These communities share many interests and services
– we attend each other’s events, our businesses and tradespeople
offer services to the same areas, and we share an interest
in developing and strengthening  our communities.
From January 2022, everyone in the above areas
can use the Vitalise services below.

Free listings

Get a Permanently Free Listing for
your Business, Community Group,
Sports Club, Special Interest Group,
School, Garage Sale.

We offer this service to help promote
the services available in our community.
No Big Box Businesses here,
just the locally-owned ones that offer
services to the community.
Free listings include brief details of what you do.
contact details and a link
to your website or FaceBook page.

Contrast Carpet Cleaning

Full carpet and upholstery service

Matthew White

Your listing can be upgraded at any stage
to a custom design at very low cost.

If you have a Special Offer
for the community, this can be shown on the Special Deals Page.

Local events

List a Local Event
in the wider Thames/Paeroa area.

This service helps promote events in our area
to both the local community and visitors.
There is a lot of interest in what is happening
in Thames and Paeroa, and we are working
to help ensure better awareness of all events
in both towns.

See how events are displayed below

All events are welcome,
but please give us five clear working days
to place the listing on the website.

Classified advertising

Classified advertising is now available
for everything that isn't covered by
permanent adverts like the ones above.
In this section, you are able to
offer anything for sale, notify the community
about meetings, find what you need
or just about anything else.
Every Classified has a timer to let people know
how long they have respond to your advert.
Our Classified rates are extremely low,
from $5 for one week to $40 for six months.
See the price list for details.

Sample Classifieds
are shown here actual size

Classified Advertising Prices

add $5 for photograph of your choice

Because our Classified Section is brand-new,
we are DOUBLING the times shown above
until 31st December 2022.
A year's advertising with photo for $45!!

Jobs offered or wanted

Looking for Staff
or seeking a job?
Use the Vitalise website
to help find the people or position you need
in the wider Thames and Paeroa areas.
List online or at 507 Pollen Street Thames.

Win Vouchers
to spend at local businesses!
Every member of the website group
is automatically entered in monthly draws
to win vouchers for services offered by
our local businesses and community groups.

All members of Vitalise get
up to 20 pages of A4 B/W copying
free, and discounts on colour copying.
Just call at the office at 507 Pollen Street.
An ongoing offer, sensible limits apply.

If you are part of an
emergency or safety support group,
let us know.
We will give you a free link to your
website or FaceBook page
so that the community can get full
detail of how to contact your group.

We also support donations
to the community groups and charities
that help support our community.
If you represent such a group,
please call in to our office at 507 Pollen Street
and we will add your group to the list of
groups that can be supported on Vitalise.

If you need more than a free or classified listing,
call in to see us.
Vitalise is designed and supported
by Photo Factory Thames, and we have
been making business cards since 1995.
We also design and host great websites.

Having a stand-alone website is like
putting a sign in a paddock and
hoping someone drives by and sees it.

Advertising in the Vitalise paddock
means we can promote you with
news items, promotional deals and
emails to all Vitalise members.

If you need to talk with us about
how we can promote your interests,
please get in touch with us as below:

Click card to contact Bevan about design stuff
Click card to contact Jono about technical stuff

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Photo Factory Thames
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