Advertising on Vitalise is simple and cost-effective.
Local events, jobs, rentals, garage sales are free.
Listings for businesses,sports clubs, schools,
community groups etc. range from free to full hosted websites.
Tell us what you want to tell the community,
and we will find the best solution for you.

Basic Listing

Permanently FREE

Includes name, address, photo,
a brief description of services,
phone, email and a link to your
website or FaceBook page.
Available to everyone in

or at 507 Pollen Street

Standard website

$5 per week

As for Basic Listing, with additional photos, complete description of your services,
customer references,
email contact form, and link to
your website or FaceBook page.
Custom design.

Available only at
507 Pollen Street
Setup charge $200

Self-Drive website

Price by Quotation

We build you a complete website within Vitalise,
and show you how to use it.
You can instantly update details on your website, while we promote it
from the Vitalise website.
Price includes hosting.

Available only at
507 Pollen Street
See Bevan or Jono

The communities of Thames, Paeroa, Waihi,
Ngatea, Hauraki and Coromandel
now have an asset that
other communities don't have.

Photo Factory
(a Thames business since 2010)
makes business cards and
designs and hosts websites.
We have built this website specifically
to promote everyone and everything
that make up our great community.
See below how we can promote you.

Need help with a listing? See Jono or Bevan
at 507 Pollen Street

Vitalise offers three levels of advertising

1.  Permanently Free listings.
These include photo, your contact details, and a description of what you do or supply to the community.
Also has a link to your website or Facebook page.
Everyone in Thames, Paeroa, Waihi, Ngatea, Hauraki and Coromandel qualifies for one of these listings.

2. Full web pages.
These have all the details of a free listing, along with much more detail of what you do or supply to the community, more photos, 
an email contact form to allow potential customers to contact you directly and references from existing customers.
There is a once-only set up charge (typically just $200) and a weekly charge of $5.
It is effectively your own website, and you can use business cards and other advertising to send people there
from further field while we promote you in the Thames, Paeroa, Waihi, Ngatea, Hauraki and Coromandel districts.
If your business or group holds events, these are listed free on Vitalise

3. Self-drive websites
These allow you to manage your own advertising, and instantly update details as required.
Our self-drive sites have their own URL, so you can promote them in any area outside the area we cover
while we send traffic there from the
Vitalise website where your site is hosted.
We do the hosting ourselves, and this is included in pricing.

A stand alone website is a lot like putting
your advertising in a paddock,
and hoping that someone drives by.
It involves hosting fees, and can cost
a lot of money to make any changes.

Advertising in the Vitalise paddock means that
we can promote you with news items, promotional deals
and monthly emails to all Vitalise members.
$5 per week includes hosting.

The advantages of Vitalise over other advertising media

Everyone gets the choice of free or very low-cost advertising
Listings are free for individuals, businesses, sports clubs, social groups and services.
This means that everyone gets to tell the community about what they do and what they can offer – it’s not restricted to those with an advertising budget
Low cost advertising is available in the form of complete web pages for $5 per week including hosting.
Whichever advertising you choose, we will do our best to promote you to the Thames, Paeroa, Waihi, Ngatea, Hauraki and Coromandel community.

it’s 24/7.
Unlike other forms of advertising (radio 30 seconds, newspaper a few days), Vitalise is available to its audience 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Information stays where we put it on the site so it can always be located – not like putting a notice on a community social media site, where it will quickly be replaced by pictures of cats and dogs.
We use those sites too, but
 Vitalise has one specific mission – to do the best possible job of representing everything in our community, and inform each and every member of this community about everything they need to know to get the best out of what we have in the area.
This means that someone looking for a special bargain, a coffee, a sports club or help with their health can search for it at 4pm or 2am – it’s there for them at all times.

it will help keep local money in our local communities.
We have a huge range of great businesses and services in the area we cover, and they deserve our support.
Vitalise will allow more people to see exactly what is on offer in our community, and help our businesses thrive.
This includes visitors to our towns, who need to find what is available and where it is.

it has people waiting to hear about your offers to the community
Vitalise has a rapidly expanding list of locals who have signed up as members to win prize draws and hear about the offers that businesses and groups make to the local community.
A monthly email to these members will include all Special Deals made by local businesses and groups.
A quick and easy way to get your message to people who want to hear it.

it has free stuff
It has a section where we can offer free goods or services to fellow members of the community.
whether this is a bag of lemons or a retired person wishing to use their skills to help another person or group.
Listings for garage sales are welcome.

it has a jobs section
This will help businesses needing staff locate the right people, and help job seekers find a position.

it’s new, and available for use right now.
The more listings we all put on the website, the better our community will be represented and the more useful the site will be.

it’s independently funded
Vitalise is built and sponsored by local business Photo Factory, so it’s not burning any ratepayer cash,
and there is no subscription payable to use the website.

Free Listings

Below are samples of free listings.
These include your name, details of what you do,
contact details and a link to your Facebook page or website.

Happy Days
Doggy Day Care and Pet Care

I will care for your dog while you are away,
either on a permanent or casual basis.
I can do overnight stays too.
I also will do home visits to feed cats
and other pets while you are away.
Your pets will be treated like one of the family
as if they were my own.

Anna MacCormack
122 Queen Street
Phone: 021 101 4207

Peninsula Barbers and Stylists

408 Queen Street (next to Police Station)
Phone: 021 069 3937
Beards $5 - $10
Clipper cuts $10 - $15
Gold Card $18 - $20 (not available Saturday)
Kid's cut $22
Men's cut $25
Fades $25 - $30
Women's short cut $25 - $30
Open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday 10.00am - 2.00pm
No appointment necessary

Thames Small Gauge Railway

Hello Train Lovers.......
Click button below for details
and operating hours!

Full Web Pages
at $5 per week

Below are samples of $5 a week web pages
These are effectively websites and show
much more information than free listings.
Price includes hosting.
A once-only design charge applies - usually just $200

Sample #1 Contrast Carpet Cleaning

This web page is live 24/7 on Vitalise, and includes;
* Main photo, title and logo
* Full description of the services offered
* Full description of the process used
* Photos showing the results of the treatment
* Email contact form enabling direct replies to prospects
* References from past customers

'Quality carpet cleaning with integrity'

Matthew White
022 367 4921

Through fair dealing and by upholding our integrity with high-quality work, we have been offering a professional service since 2016
and look forward to providing you with the same level of care and attention.

We offer a variety of services tailored to your needs:

Residential carpets

Commercial carpets

Household Fabrics

Leather upholstery

Stain treatment



Fabric protection

Flood assistance

Carpet Cleaning
- Our Process

Before initiating the deep cleaning process, we always ensure the carpets are thoroughly vacuumed. This removes a great deal of
dust from within the pile prior to cleaning.
Our special Enzyme Pre-clean solution is evenly sprayed onto the areas to be cleaned.
This treatment ensures that when our enzymes are activated they react to their full potential,
resulting in the highest quality clean for you.

Our services include
Residential carpet cleans
Commercial carpet cleans
Stain treatment
Upholstery cleaning
Leather care
Fabric protection

Contrast Carpet Cleaning uses
brilliant products
and years of experience
to deliver a fantastic result
every clean.

For any further information or to make a booking,
please call Matthew on 022 367 4921
or use our email form

Upholstery Cleaning
- Our Process

Like cleaning carpets, our process of cleaning

upholstery is just as thorough.
We vacuum and remove pilling from fabrics and then carefully apply an enzyme solution prior to cleaning. 

This ensures a result that is noticeable, refreshing

the life of your treasured rugs and upholstery.

Ask us more about 

how we can clean your leather upholstery 

and our ‘Fabric Protection’.

Contrast Carpet Cleaning uses
brilliant products
and years of experience
to deliver a fantastic result
every clean.

"I recently enlisted the help of Matthew White of Contrast Carpet Cleaning and am delighted with the result.
The carpets had been laid about 20 years ago, and subjected to traffic by pets and grandkids but came up like new.
In addition I asked him to clean a well-upholstered lounge suite and it is now back
in the same 'show room' condition as when purchased 25 years ago.
I can confidently recommend his efficient and thorough work."
- Len Abercrombie, Te Puru

"Matthew recently cleaned the upholstery on my lounge suite
that hadn't been cleaned since it was purchased many years ago.
He did a wonderful job and exceeded my expectations.
The cleaning was done during Level 3 and Matthew wore a mask and gloves and maintained social distancing.
He was very professional, efficient and knowledgeable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services".
- Caral Othman

"Matthew arrived promptly and got straight to work.
He was very knowledgeable and managed to completely remove a difficult stain that we'd tried to shift several ways already.
The price was more than fair, our carpets look like new, we can't recommend this service highly enough"
- Jacqui Barrow

Sample #2 Photo Factory Thames

This web page is live 24/7 on Vitalise, and includes;
* Full description of the business cards we make
* Slides showing the range of business cards
* Email contact form enabling direct replies to prospects
* References from past customers

Business Cards and Websites

Photo Factory has been operating since 1995,
and based in Thames since 2010.
We produce quality business cards and design great websites

Photo Factory has been making top-quality business cards
for customers all over New Zealand since 1995.
From simple text-only to full photo cards, 
we can give your business a better image.
All cards are printed on 300gsm stock.
Delivery is within 3-4 days.
We will design your card and send you proofs
until we have exactly 
the right card for you.

Cards we make for Thames businesses are shown
on two digital displays in Pollen Street,
and displayed in our office at 507 Pollen Street. 
You can get your cards here or call into the office.

"We received the sample card you sent, and we were very impressed. Just the professional image we wish to portray. We showed it to a few friends and associates, and they liked it also"
Fresan Cleaning Services, Tauranga
"Thank you for the amazing service. You can be sure you will get all our business, and others we will send your way"
K.D. Contractors, Tirau
"Hi, Bevan. I like the business cards very much. They look a lot flasher than the cards other people give me, and people often look at my cards more than once. In my dealings I have never been handed a similar laminated card with a photo in the background. I will certainly continue to use your services"
Gerry Macridis
Security Consultant, Wellington
"Great cards - many thanks"
Robert Lee, Mannatech, Tauranga
"We have had a lot of comments on the quality of our cards"
Simplicity Pools, Kerikeri
"Excellent service throughout"
Cliff McChesney, Waihi
"I thought I would drop you a line and let you know we have had many comments on the quality and appearance of our business cards. Thank you Bevan for your continuing great service"
Rose Hale
Eastland Fire and Security, Gisborne
"Hi, Bevan. Thanks so much for your time in getting these cards right, and the awesome service - much appreciated"
Ag & Earth, Whangarei
"Thank you for all your help, Bevan. The cards look great!"
Veterinary Clinic, Morrinsville
"I have just received our most recent order of business cards, and would like to thank you for your continuing great service. We have not previously experienced the level of quality and delivery you provide, and want you to know it is appreciated"
Stu Desmond Transport, Kaitaia
"Thank you very much - the cards look great, and a good price too!"
Norma Venables, Tauranga
"Awesome. Thanks very much for all your help, and excellent customer service"
Cool Peppers Consulting, Wellington

Click the card to
contact Jono about technical stuff

To order business cards,
see us at 507 Pollen Street
or use this button

Click the card to
contact Bevan about design stuff

Our websites

Photo Factory makes websites for
all types of businesses, and in all price ranges.
A simple stand-alone website can be yours from $200.
But if your business or organisation needs promotion
in the Thames area, we have the best deal ever.

The Vitalise website specialises in promoting
everything that makes up our community.
We can promote your business or organisation
within the Vitalise website,
where everyone goes to find details of events,
special deals and a lot more.
You can use your Vitalise web page externally (as a normal website)
while we concentrate on sending visitors to you
through the community website.

A stand alone website is a lot like putting
your advertising in a paddock,
and hoping that someone drives by.
It involves hosting fees, and can cost
a lot of money to make any changes.

Advertising in the Vitalise paddock means that we can promote you with
news items, promotional deals, and monthly
emails to all Vitalise members.
$5 per week includes hosting.

For a full webpage like the one you see above,
call in to see us at 507 Pollen Street
and we will build you some advertising you
can be proud of for just $5 per week.

You can also join as a member of Vitalise. This means that you get just one email per month to let you know of Special Deals offered to the community by local businesses, and you will also be in all draws for vouchers to use at these local businesses.

We never share member details with any other person or entity.

Local business cards we make are made available to the public in our office and displayed
on two digital screens on Pollen Street.
You can also use your cards
to direct people to your Vitalise web page

Free photocopying
for Vitalise Members

is sponsored by Photo Factory

Members of Vitalise
get free photocopying
up to 20 pages of A4 black/white
and discounts on other copying.
If you're already a member, bring your
original into our office at 507 Pollen Street
and we'll do your copying asap.
Not a member? Use the button below.

Privacy Policy


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For the purposes of this Privacy Policy:

You means the individual accessing or
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Company (referred to as either “the
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Affiliate means an entity that controls,
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Account means a unique account created
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Website refers to Vitalise,
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Service refers to the Website.

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Service Provider means any natural or
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Collecting and Using Your Personal Data

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Personal Data

While using Our Service, We may ask You to
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To provide You with news, special offers
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To manage Your requests: To attend and
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We may share your personal information in
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With Service Providers: We may share
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The Company will also retain Usage Data for
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Disclosure of Your Personal Data

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Law enforcement

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Other legal requirements

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Comply with a legal obligation

Protect and defend the rights
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Prevent or investigate possible
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Protect the personal safety of
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Protect against legal liability

Security of Your Personal Data

The security of Your Personal Data is
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Detailed Information on the Processing of
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Service Providers have access to Your
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Email Marketing

We may use Your Personal Data to contact
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We may use Email Marketing Service
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Mailchimp is an email
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For more information on the
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Children’s Privacy

Our Service does not address anyone under
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We also may limit how We collect, use, and
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If We need to rely on consent as a legal
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Changes to this Privacy Policy

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We will let You know via email and/or a
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You are advised to review this Privacy
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Contact Us

If you have any questions about this
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Bevan Brook


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507 Pollen Street

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