Garage Sales

Massive Garage Sale
and Yard Sale

Antiques and collectables.
A & G Price old timber,
moulds and forms etc.
9th to 12th November
From 9:00am to 5:00pm
1011 Owen Street and
corner of Haven Street

This is a sample Garage Sale listing

Animal Rescue Thames fundraising Christmas Garage Sale
Salvation Army Youth Hall ( Behind the Salvation Army Church) 713 Pollen St, Thames
Date of event: 19/12/2020    9am until Mid day ish
 New goods, preloved goods, books, toys, collectible goods, all good to go.
All sorts of allsorts. Morning tea/coffee and homebaked food.

Bring a can of catfood,sachets, pet food for the rescue kittys Xmas and exchange it for a piece of Christmas Cake- or bring non perishible items for the foodbox for needy humans in exchange for christmas cake.
Purrlease support our furry paws , fundraiser for food and care of rescue kitties who come into our care over the holiday season- The season IS the reason.


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