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Thames Community Centre

Need Tech help?
Get that new phone, laptop or tablet sorted, group all those photos and folders where they need to be, organise emails, Facebook, websites and social media, all at no cost, thanks to the generosity of our funders. We're operating individual digital technology tuition and problem solving by appointment with Brennan Dollard our IT guy and super volunteer. In action below working with a couple of satisfied tech users.
Free to you but any Koha gratefully received.
Here’s what others had to say about this service
“Brennan was really helpful; he made me feel safe and explained things in a way I could understand. He made the learning easy and I felt we solved the problem together. I highly recommend this wonderful service.
Brennan has a great sense of humour and he is really professional in his approach – absolutely fabulous and I highly recommend. Thanks TCC”
Please get in touch with the centre if you’d like to book a session. 027 8689797

I live in Thames, and come to your door.
I repair chip-level mobile phones, broken phones, tablets, laptops, computers, smart TV's, Vehicle ECM's
and other electronic devices.
Simple, easy-to-understand IT services
and smart products for your home or business.
I do data recovery, transfer all your data between devices, and convert old photos, audio files and video files to new files, burn new CD's and DVD's.
I can help you out in setting up devices, installing new operating systems etc.
Any job with regards to technology and electronics,
call me for personal service.

Call on 0204 079 6552

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