McNaught Garden Services

For all your garden and grounds needs
Concrete edging
Driveway edging
General garden maintenance
Phone Dean 027 546 7160

Complete Gardening Services

Rubbish removal
Spraying - all types
Decluttering of sheds and garages
Pruning Fruit trees, roses and ornamentals
Phone Paul 027 473 9075

Extra hand

Site clean-ups
Small demolition specialist
Painting – interior and exterior
Call Mike   021 182 1983

Call the Gardener

Your garden, your way!

Garden Care Service
Hedge and shrub trimming
Small hardscape features

Call Paul 028 4640 600

If you have better things to do..........

Call AJ Cleanup Crew

Hedge and Tree Trim
Section Clearing
Rubbish Removal
Interior House Clean
New build clean/clear
Odd jobs considered
One-off jobs welcome
0800 464 898
Alaine Hedges 027 242 7268
John Hedges 027 457 2018
Email: [email protected]

Thames Property Services
Paul Martin - since 1989

Lawn mowing
Garden maintenance
Section clearing
Rubbish removal
Hedge trimming
Tree pruning/removal
Stump removal/grinding
Certified weed sprayer
Phone/text 027 688 3899
Email: [email protected]

RW Hedge Cutting

Lawn mowing
Hedge cutting
Wood chipping

021 0834 4108
[email protected]


Fully insured
Experienced Arborist
Clearance and removal
Small jobs welcome
Call for a free quote
Isaac 021 078 7752
[email protected]

Lawn mowing
Scrub cutting
Contact Karl
021 285 1985
[email protected]

Stump Grinding
All sizes, all areas.
Free quote
021 060 7659

Mowing, hedges, fencing, gardening, carpentry, painting, retaining walls, welding, waterblasting.
Work is good quality and I will not attempt to work outside of my skills. Insured.
Dennis Schuler 022 129 0169

Tree Shapes

Qualified Arborists

Treework, Large and Small
Stump Grinding
Hedge Trimming
Fruit Tree Pruning
for a free quote call
07 868 3985 or 0274 726 627



Stump grinding

Qualified, insured, experienced

Big or small, we do them all

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Short Back 'N Sides Ltd
0274 390 367

Specialist in Tree Pruning and Removal
Stump Grinding
Section Clearing
Hedge Trimming
Qualified Arborist

Joel Clark
021 236 6713

Rural Lifestyle Blocks
Phone 0210 834 4108
[email protected]

Tree Services

Greg (07) 865 6769
021 133 0937

Qualified Arborist
Pruning Dismantling Hedge Trimming
Fully insured

All section, garden
and house maintenance

Rubbish and trees removed

Call Mike
07 863 8160

Call John 022 521 6748

We have a large range of landscape supplies available
to help with any project, big or small.
Come on down and we will help you choose your product,
work out how much you will need and load it up for you.

Fully insured
Lawn Mowing
Tree Pruning

Fruit Tree Care
Landscape Maintenance

Greg Foster
Phone 021 0278 6990
[email protected]

Get ready for a tree renovation

QC Treework is excited to work on a
new tree project with you.
If you're ready to work with an expert arborist
call us today.

Deadwood Removal
& Tree Thinning

Deadwood removal involves taking away the dead branches
of a tree that often look unsightly and have the potential to become dangerous.
Tree thinning is a similar process that is performed by removing
the branches of a tree but they may or may not still be alive.

Climbing Jobs

Contract climbing can encompass a large variety of work but it essentially means
that an arborist uses equipment to physically climb up a tree.
Under certain circumstances this method is the best or only way to get the needed work done.

42 Hauraki Road
Thames 3574

027 635 8100
07 867 5218
[email protected]

Chops Landscaping

Landscape design, construction and Maintenance.
Based in Whitianga with 15 years experience.

Phone: 021 120 4316
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 021 120 4316
Email: [email protected]

Refined Landscaping Ltd

All aspects of landscaping

Phone: 027 776 8835
Email: [email protected]

Davies Mowing and Maintenance

Push mowing
Ride on mowing
Weed eating
Weed spraying
Pole saw tree work
Rubbish removal
Soil delivery
and more.........
If you have any property maintenance not listed above, please don't hesitate to enquire, as that is
not all we are capable of doing.

Phone Logan 021 066 4881
[email protected]