Karis butterfly readings and healing

Hi, all.
Laléna Karis here.
I have been around these parts from Southland for a while,
and love our cute village vibe.
Since I was young I have always been connected to Spirit, awareness of energies, and I have always supported people to come unstuck and tune into their heart, not just mind!
Readings are 30 or 60 minutes, and I often use oracle cards to support the messages coming through.
I don't predict love or death though!
It's a life coachy feel with steps
to follow after to enhance your Life.
I can come to you or work from 'the office'.
Can also do remote work, (distance or online readings)
or we can meet at a beach or place of your choosing.
Phone: 027 281 1807
Email: karishealing@gmail.com

Energy is essential for everything we do, sometimes it gets lost, how do we get it back?

Energy is always connected with a strong energy field, which is an image of the Life Force.

Energy is a prerequisite for longevity, which means healthy chromosomes and healthy telomeres.

Energy enables us to discover and live our vocation.

Energy enables a fulfilled partnership, giving instead of taking, being in balance.

Energy enables the body to ward off attacks from radiation, chemicals and negative emotions.

Energy helps us to accelerate repair processes in the body, which is the best protection against degenerative diseases.

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With over 10 years experience working in mental wellness and psychology, Rachael supports individuals to come into a loving relationship with their emotions through connection to the body.
Tairua based but travels the Coromandel and offers online services also. Highly recommend experienced mental emotional spiritual health practitioner.

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