Falls Retreat

Reconnect with Nature, food and each other.
Unique foodie experiences, weddings,
charming accommodation.

25 Waitawheta Road
Waikino 3682
New Zealand
Phone: (07) 863 8770
Email: [email protected]

Cafe and Restaurant
10 Orchard Road West

Catering Events

Phone: (07) 867 7714
[email protected]

Thames Workingmen's Club

Come on down and enjoy a lovely meal
(roast on a Friday), a quiet drink at the bar,
events and entertainment.

407 Cochrane Street
Phone: 07 868 6416
Email: [email protected]

Kebab Express

"Eat healthy, be healthy"
Kebabs and Vegetarian Dishes
Iskenders (Rice Dish)
451C Pollen Street Thames
Phone 07 868 9683

Luke's Kitchen

Woodfired pizza, seafood, salads
and revolving specials.
Our cafe uses local organic coffee,
daily homemade cabinet food and baking.
We regularly host live music for all to enjoy, and offer a view that we feel sums up
the beauty of the Coromandel.
Sit back, relax and relish a true Kiwi experience.

20 Black Jack Road
(07) 866 4480
[email protected]

Restaurant and Bar
428 Pollen Street Thames
Phone (07) 868 9406

Christie Potter - Mt Maunganui
Christie Potter - Mt Maunganui@username
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"Absolutely delicious"
Maria Deal - Thames
Maria Deal - Thames@username
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"Excellent Food and service"
Graeme and Glenis Candy - Mangatara
Graeme and Glenis Candy - Mangatara@username
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"Very yummy"
Whangamata Real Estate
Whangamata Real Estate@username
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"Thank you, the food was outstanding"
Minhinnick - Mairangi Bay
Minhinnick - Mairangi Bay@username
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"Superb swordfish"
Jzu and Forrest - South Carolina
Jzu and Forrest - South Carolina@username
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"Best meal in New Zealand in two years"
Kevin and Kay Flooks - Thames
Kevin and Kay Flooks - Thames@username
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Christine and Jim Neilson - Thames
Christine and Jim Neilson - Thames@username
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"Excellent meal"
Harold and Kay Newton - Ngatea
Harold and Kay Newton - Ngatea@username
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"Great venue and food"
Shane and Anna - Thames
Shane and Anna - Thames@username
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"Excellent meal, thanks for a great night"
Rojo George - Thames
Rojo George - Thames@username
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"Amazing place to dine"
Megan Richards - Thames
Megan Richards - Thames@username
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"A lovely experience , thank you"
Ian and Judy - Whangamata
Ian and Judy - Whangamata@username
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"Excellent in all respects"

Solo Turkish
Mediterranean Cuisine

75 Kapanga Road
Phone: 07 260 5121
Email: [email protected]